Stroll Show by slaia
May 16, 2014, 9:11 am
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BWA was invited by Strolling of the Heifers, Brattleboro’s famous parade honoring Vermont’s agricultural heritage, to create a show of our art inspired by the five farms the Stroll is focussing on this year. The show will be at The Works restaurant on Main St. for the month of June, then it will move to the River Garden Gallery across the street. I’ve visited all five farms and have created two paintings, working on a third , fourth and fifth. I want to have some choice as to which will be in the exhibit. The two paintings below may receive an added component if I can work it out in time – an abstract relief section added to the left or right. I look forward to seeing the work being prepared by the other exhibitors. I’ve had a glimpse of Walter’s tile piece and his wood construction and Kris’s beautiful fabric work featuring all 5 farms: Deer Ridge Farm, Cortland Hill Farm, Rob Family Farm, Bunker Farm and Franklin Farm.

Steve Lloyd

Robb Family Farm in WinterMG_6513

Robb Family Farm


Franklin Farm



Atmosphere series by slaia
May 15, 2014, 8:54 am
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During our long and snowy winter I departed from my usual geometric painting to explore a new approach. The snowy scene is still rather abstract and suggests rather than depicts landscape forms. When I showed this piece to an artist friend recently, her enthusiasm caused me to paint over a very geometric landscape to create a more atmospheric one, creating the second in this new series. The two paintings are shown below.

Atmoshpere 1

Atmoshpere 1

Atmosphere 2

Atmosphere 2

New work by Jackie Abrams
March 26, 2014, 8:24 pm
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New work by Jackie Abrams – for the Smithsonian Craft Show, at the National Building Museum, Washington, DC

April 10 – 13.  Hope to see you there!  at booth 107

Blue Stone Stories

Blue Stone Stories



Missed the WVEW spot about the tour? Here’s a second chance. by Chris Lann Designs

WVEW logo

I really enjoyed talking to Jim Maxwell Friday on Brattleboro Community Radio‘s ArtTalk. Fifteen minutes really flew by, and I could’ve talked about Brattleboro-West Arts for twice that long. If you want to hear the whole story, you’ll have to stop by my studio during this weekend’s Open Studio Tour. In the meantime, if you didn’t have a chance to tune in, you can listen to the interview here (15:21), courtesy of Jim and WVEW:

Chris Lann at work in his jewelry studio

“Geography is really kind of important … the place (where) we make the art becomes part of the art, and that art, in turn, enriches the place that we’re in. That’s why we’re really jazzed about the idea of the studio tour. It’s kind of the reason for being for the group.”

Friday’s ArtTalk to feature Studio Tour on WVEW-107.7FM by Chris Lann Designs
September 26, 2013, 8:50 pm
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WVEW 107.7 FM Brattleboro Communiy Radio

Be sure to tune in to Brattleboro Community Radio (WVEW-107.7FM) about 4:30 p.m. Friday. Chris Lann is scheduled to join Jim Maxwell on his weekly ArtTalk to tout this weekend’s BWA Open Studio Tour. For those of you outside the station’s listening area, you can listen online:

listen to 107.7

Become a VPR Art Hound by Chris Lann Designs
September 11, 2013, 12:08 pm
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We can’t toot our own horn. But if you’re a member of the arts community and agree radio listeners should know about the fifth annual Brattleboro-West Arts Open Studio Tour, please consider filling out VPR’s simple form to become an Art Hound.

Vermont Public Radio’s program gives listeners an inside line on happenings in the arts community. According to the Art Hounds web page, the program “features voices from the region’s arts community bragging on upcoming shows, exhibits and performances they want you to see! Listen for Art Hounds and the Weekly Conversation on The Arts with Neal Charnoff at 4:50 every Thursday afternoon.

New BWA video by Chris Lann Designs
August 25, 2013, 10:35 am
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Thanks to Rolf Parker-Houghton of Stanzas of Light video productions, a great new teaser video gives the world a taste of the Brattleboro-West Arts Open Studio Tour. Shot during the 2012 tour and in BWA members’ studios since then, the movie features the clarinet stylings of BWA’s own Walter Slowinski, accompanied on guitar by Bill Conley.  Jana Zeller of Spybird Theater reads an apt adaptation of a verse by D.H. Lawrence. Spread the word!