Jalunii Warra-Purple Majesty
April 7, 2013, 12:33 pm
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A most interesting color exercise!  I was asked to participate in the ‘Moods of Color’ Project.  Our main instruction, other than the finished size, was to only use medium color values.  It sounded so easy at the time but I soon learned that with no light or dark colors to highlight the medium colors were just that-very medium.  I chose a scene in Australia with this view because in the photo I took,  it appears to be covered with a medium bluish haze!  This is a combination of wool and silk.Image


Finished Women of Hope
February 17, 2011, 3:25 pm
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by Kris McDermet

I just finished this wall piece in time for the 2011 Women’s Film Festival.  It is my first try at using silk and wool in both the hooking and braiding.  The vibrant colors really show well in the dresses.  Karen Kamenetzky got me excited about silk and now I’m in love with this shimmering fabric.Women of Hope I first saw a photo of this image from the 2009 poster of the Brattleboro, VT Women’s Film Festival and fell in love with the images bright colors and their expressions even though their faces are not visible.  The photo is taken from the movie The Greatest Silence/Rape in the Congo.

Original poster image

I’m hoping the sale will raise needed funds for the Women’s Freedom Center.