After the fire by orchardstreetpottery
gestural vase, celadon glaze

gestural vase, celadon glaze

These are some pots shown on previous posts prior to being fired.

No longer blank canvases, they are finished, changed, enhanced by the firing.  In this one to the left, the translucent celadon glaze pools a little in the gestural grooves, and darkens, accentuating the   groove lines.

In the red vase the glaze also thins at ridge lines and deepens in grooves, but the red commands considerable attention on its own.



The bird vases are colored by the flashing of the wood flame, leading to the varied pink color.  Subtle, a counterpoint to the blue slip.

All the pots have ash residue on their surface, creating depth and variation.

My studio will be open this weekend, as part of the Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio Weekend. You can check out lots of pots like these, see the kiln, and my studio space.  Other Brattleboro-West-Artists on the tour include Malcolm Wright, Josh and Marta Bernbaum, Matthew Tell, and David and Michelle Holzapfel.


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