Post Sequencing Post 1 by slaia
May 24, 2013, 3:13 pm
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After my “Sequencing” experience I decided to try working on three pieces at a time in my studio. I had already started work on each of them, but working concurrently did free me up to a certain extent. In fact, after my first 3 hour session I was quite pleased. However, when I went back the next day to look at my handsome new pieces, they did not compel me. So I put in more time on each, then more hours another day. Somehow it was feeling like a task rather than a joy and the pieces showed it. What I have to share are the small sections of each piece with which I’m the most pleased. I’m beginning to see that there was much about the sequencing experience that led to a more vibrant result. My next experiment will be using wax under the painting (as we did in the sequencing workshop) to allow the colors to move easily over the surface.


IMG_3310             IMG_3309


Eavesdrop on the monthly potluck – Marta Bernbaum by Chris Lann Designs
May 22, 2013, 5:39 pm
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Each month, a different member of Brattleboro-West Arts typically hosts a potluck in their home where the group gathers to share some food, drink and discussions about  what inspires us. The March discussion at the home of Janet Picard focused on how the seasons affect our art. Hear what glass artist Marta Bernbaum had to say about how nature’s ability to adapt inspires her:

Listen to a clip (0:47):

Glass tree bead by Marta Bernbaum

“My work has always been about adaptation, and trees adapting to those crevices and to those crazy environments, and existing in those insane spaces. Maybe they grow shorter, or sideways, or something different, in order to make it.”

After the fire by orchardstreetpottery
gestural vase, celadon glaze

gestural vase, celadon glaze

These are some pots shown on previous posts prior to being fired.

No longer blank canvases, they are finished, changed, enhanced by the firing.  In this one to the left, the translucent celadon glaze pools a little in the gestural grooves, and darkens, accentuating the   groove lines.

In the red vase the glaze also thins at ridge lines and deepens in grooves, but the red commands considerable attention on its own.



The bird vases are colored by the flashing of the wood flame, leading to the varied pink color.  Subtle, a counterpoint to the blue slip.

All the pots have ash residue on their surface, creating depth and variation.

My studio will be open this weekend, as part of the Vermont Crafts Council Open Studio Weekend. You can check out lots of pots like these, see the kiln, and my studio space.  Other Brattleboro-West-Artists on the tour include Malcolm Wright, Josh and Marta Bernbaum, Matthew Tell, and David and Michelle Holzapfel.

Snow Farm, Williamsburg, MA by Jackie Abrams
May 14, 2013, 7:32 am
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Snow Farm calls itself The New England Craft Program, and rightly so!!! It offers wonderful workshops, in a fabulous location with great food. It is a creative community that welcomes everyone. Best of all, it is only an hour away, in Williamsburg, MA.

Three BWA members teach there: Marta Bernbaum, Naomi Lindenfeld, and myself (Jackie Abrams). Come and join us for one of our classes.

Hexagonal Weave – Paper Weavings  •  June 21-23  •  Jackie Abrams   •   (the class is full,  a waiting list is starting)


Colored Clay   •   August 31 – September 2   •   Naomi Lindenfeld


Baskets and Surfaces   •   October 6-12   •   Jackie Abrams

kimono-Two Sisters

Sequencing by slaia
May 7, 2013, 2:04 pm
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A few weeks ago I attended a class in sequencing at the River Gallery School. Sequencing is a technique developed by Ric Campman to add freedom to artistic expression. According to the instructor, by doing three small pieces at once and using wax and paint and finger movements rather than brushes, the artist’s usual constraints play a lesser role.

I did find it liberating. The underlying wax layer made it easy to keep moving the paint and translucent colors kept the image bright rather than muddy. My last step was to scrape off some of the paint with a sharp wooden stick and a knife blade. This led to surprising effects as the colors on lower layers were revealed.

Here’s an example from that session.     IMG_2656  Some people have have seen cattails in the foreground.

In my next post I’ll show the results when I went back to my studio and worked on three pieces at once.

Kittywhiskers Urn by naomilindenfeld
May 6, 2013, 3:57 pm
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Kittywhiskers urn with glass kitty knob
This is Kittywhiskers urn made by throwing colored porcelain and then carving into the surface to reveal the striations. In the week before she died I pressed her paw into the clay so that she has her own mark in it (on lower left raised area). The glass kitty knob is made by BWA member, Marta Bernbaum. The glass has some of Kittywhiskers ashes rolled into it. Our dear kitty passed away on March 21st at the age of 19 and we now have this urn filed with her ashes (after scattering some) to remember and honor her by.

New work- Beneath II by karenkamenetzky
May 5, 2013, 1:02 pm
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Beneath II

Beneath II

Here is my newest piece: Beneath II!

After weeks of dyeing various fibers (wool, alpaca curls, silk charmeuse, silk cocoons, silk yarns and more!) -all differing values of a particular green (mix the acid dyes: sun yellow and avocado to duplicate), I then wet felted up a storm. The resulting textiles had even richer and more intricate patterning and texture than my first attempt at this.

It’s a total joy to cut and sew felted material. You can cover any mistake (important for me!) and it’s just lovely to touch. Here’s a close-up:

Beneath I- detail

Beneath II -detail