“Beneath I” by karenkamenetzky
February 21, 2013, 10:39 am
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Beneath I

Beneath I

I’m a happy artist these recent days.

After weeks of dyeing and felting and experimenting I’m very happy with the result!
I mostly made up a construction technique (although that’s too fancy a word for my bumbling around). I found much freedom and looseness in cutting and piecing the felt together. Very forgiving! I love the emphasis on texture that a monochromatic palette provides, the ease of pushing a 3-D quality into the work and the juxtaposition between the wool and the shimmery charmeuse silk.

Beneath I -detail1Beneath I -detail1

Beneath I -detail1

This is the first of a series (I just started dyeing and felting for the next piece) around the concept of “beneath”-which to me broadly encompasses exploring what’s just beneath a complex surface-whether it be of a cell, a skin or a feeling.

Beneath I -detail 2

Beneath I -detail 2

Let me know what do you think…